Email Marketing — The Ultimate Guide to Email Optimization + Troubleshooting

Email Marketing — Email has become one of the most powerful channels to reach consumers. Today, there are over 205 billion
emails sent each day and over 2.6 billion email users, according to research by The Radicati Group. And,
these numbers are expected to exponentially increase. By the end of 2019, the number of worldwide email
users will increase to over 2.9 billion—a figure that represents over one-third of the world’s population.

Not only do people have email accounts, but they want to receive emails. It’s the channel consumers prefer
most for brand communications, with 72% of consumers saying they prefer companies to communicate
with them via email over any other channel.

Subscribers are specifically opting in to receive communications with brands, and this is where the real
value of email marketing comes into play. They’re raising their hand and asking you to communicate with
them. This is a far cry from display, search, and social advertisements, which consumers see regardless of
their opt-in preferences.

With email, you’re targeting people who already have an interest in your brand. This is why it has the highest
return on investment (ROI) among digital marketing channels.

But, just because someone gives you their email address doesn’t mean you can send them whatever you
want. Use email to communicate, educate, and build a community around your brand, not solely to push
your products and services on your subscribers.

Instead of solely thinking of your company’s ROI and their benefits, focus more directly on your customers,
on your subscribers. Think about their needs, wants, and expectations. Be relatable. Be helpful. Be human.
But, this is easier said than done. A lot goes into a creating a successful email marketing campaign. In this
ebook, we’ll take a look at how to build great emails, including tips on how to:

• Define your goals
• Craft your content
• Determine the appropriate audience
• Optimize for the inbox
• Create great designs
• Reach the inbox
• Thoroughly test your emails
• Troubleshoot common rendering issues
• Analyze results to inform future campaigns

By the end, you’ll be positioned for email success.

Download the guide.

By Litmus

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